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Welcome to our second Erstwilder blog. This time it is a complete change of tune from the last Halloween launch.

Normally we have become accustomed to one launch every month but this time we seem to have been treated to an almost mini launch before our next full collection.

Those of you who have been collecting a while will recognise these pieces as something that has been round a little while but this time we have been treated to a slight reworking which I will talk about later. I do love it when thing like this are relaunched as it gives so many people, myself included an opportunity to own a piece I never thought I would be able to get my hands on.

The changes in this latest launch are very subtle from a distance so will appeal to both those who have owned this collection before and newcomers like me.

Each full set is made up of a cute little pair of earring, a full sized brooch and a gorgeous three poppy necklace. For me I love being able to wear these as a full set, but they are equally beautiful enough to be worn as individual pieces.

For each set we have been treated with three different colours, the classic red, a stunning pearlescent white and a beautiful purple. There is a great significance to these three colours. The original launch of these flowers coincided with Anzac day in Australia and each poppy is used to symbolise something different.

The red poppy which has also been adopted by the British Legion signifies a lasting memorial to those who died in World War One and further conflicts. The white in an international symbol for those who have lost their lives in any conflict and shows a commitment to peace. Finally the purple poppy is a remembrance of all the animals that have taken part in war.

With that in mind for any Poppy item purchased Lottie and Lu will be donating £2 from each sale to The British Legion which supports lifelong support for those in the Armed Forces.

Onto the brooches themselves, I mentioned earlier that these new brooches were having a little rework from the last release, The centre of the poppy has completely changed in the new ones, and it new resembles perfectly the same shape as the name card in the box. At first glace I do really like the slightly chunkier centre, especially on the dark colours it really stands out a little more.

There has been alot of talk lately around the increased quality of Erstwilder and specifically the resin and the clasps. I have tried my best to take a couple of comparison photographs for you with my Poppy and the new one.

You can see instantly the colour of the clasp on the newer version is a much brighter and stronger silver, the second big change for me is the way it feels in your hand. It's much heavier and feels stronger to hold. When comparing the thickness in the resin you can clearly see that the bottom layer is so much thicker than the older version. This does make it feel much nicer and less likely to break.

Overall I think this is a welcome mini-launch for a great cause! What do you think? Do you like them? Will you be getting some come launch day?

Thank you for reading and remember everything you have seen here can be purchased directly from Lottie and Lu: HERE and £2 of each sale goes directly to The British Legion. 

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