Vegas - Dice Heels


We all got a little surprise last week when all of a sudden Irregular Choice announced a USA themed collaboration with stockist Ashbury Skies. It was only a couple weeks after Mickey and Friends so there was little to no time to get the bank balance up to shape before these launched.

Luckily the collection was relatively small with four very individual cities being the focus. New York, with a light up skyline; San Francisco with a leather pastel patchwork; Miami with an oversized beach scene which will feature in a blog a little later on. Then finally these beauties and the only character heel in the collection.

These went on sale a little later than the normal launch time, 5pm UK time. Unfortunately I was in work so managed to get onto the website at 5.02pm by which time these were sold out. It was one of the quickest launches I've seen in a while. I ended up having to wait until Saturday and calling around all the stores. Luckily Imelda's in Norwich had a pair and now they are here.

If you happened to miss out on these then don't worry! More than a handful of independent stockist are going to be getting these in between now and September so there is plenty of time to make your mind up and ready up on the all important sizing advice.

There are my first ever pair of dice heels. I just missed out on throw a six when they came out as I hesitated too long then they all went off into the distance never to be seen again. This is the reason beyond any that I knew I had to have these, character heels are easily my weakness and I'm so happy that I can now tick another heel off my list.

Opening the box this afternoon and wow. They sparkle far more than I would have imagined. The photos do not do them justice at all. From head to toe they are covered in what looks like black glitter. Actually this is ridden with other colours and up close it almost looks multicoloured with an overall black effect. The glitter used in these really is stunning.

Both fronts of these shoes are covered in an oversized Irregular Choice casino chip in two different colours. A light blue and a slightly darker blue with a hint of purple. Honestly I'm not sure why the decided to use two different colours that are quite similar. It's not for me really. If I was far better at crafting I would like them both to be the same. Normally I love odd shoes but somehow for me this doesn't quite work.

Speaking of the casino chips alot of people have been posting about the IC letters in the middle being slightly scuffed or damaged and as you might be able to see on the photos mine are exactly that. Personally it doesn't bother me as its a 10 second job with a black pen and you would never know the difference but I know some people will prefer them to be perfect.

Down the side of each shoe we have a continuation of the casino theme with the popular card house symbols working their way up the shoe stopping just before a beautifully stitched Vegas over the heel. This seems to be a trend with new Irregular Choice of having words above the heel as we saw with the Mickey Mouse collection. Sometimes it works better than other and this is that occasion. The contrast of gold and black works brilliantly.

The heel height on these is the same as previous dice heels of 10cm. They don't feel too high to walk in but unlike other styles there is no hidden platform in these so be prepared to master the slightly larger heel height. If you own bunnies or unicorns you really shouldn't have a problem with these at all.

I ordered my normal size in these UK 6.5 (EU40) and was concerned as people had commented about them being a little small. This wasn't the case for me and length wise they fit perfectly in my normal size. I think like most Irregular Choice they will need a little breaking in over the roof of your toes as this is a little stiff at the moment but not uncomfortable.

When walking in them I did notice that the dice that hangs from the back of the shoe does tend to clunk around a little. For me when I wear them out and about I will be sure to take them off then reattach them when they are on display.

Other than all of that they do exactly what it says on the box. Vegas shoes that couldn't be an more Las Vegas if they tried. From the dice heel to the little extra touches around the shoe they are simply a sparkling wonder. I love them and they won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

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