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Irregular Choice - Love Fools and Heart Ban Joes - EXCLUSIVE

Hello and welcome back to the blog. Two full blogs within a week must mean there is more exciting things to talk about! This one is VERY exciting. Two of our favourite stockists Lottie's Atik and Daisy Mae Boutique have once again teamed up together to create an amazing Exclusive Irregular Choice shoe. Tonight at 6pm we will have a relaunch of the infamous Love Fool shoe (which I have blogged about before HERE ) and for the first time ever we have the same fabric on the infamous Ban Joe shoe! I know lots of people have been gagging for someone to make these so I don't think they will stay around too long. This is hopefully where I am able to help. I will try and answer all your questions here but if not ask away and I will be on hand to answer as many as I can. I'll talk a little first about the differences between Love Fools and Ban Joes. The main difference in these is the heel height. Love Fools come up at 9cm tall where as Ban Joes are

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