Purple Ban Joe - Lottie's Atik Exclusive

Ban Joe - Purple (Updated)

Hello and welcome to an updated section of the Ban Joe blog to take into account the slightly new glitter colourway launching tomorrow. I have included a couple more photos of the new pair so you can compare it to the previous launch. 

This glitter is definitely more shimmering and sparkly than the previous pair which are more matt.

I will let you carry on with the original blog but if you have any questions on the new colour please pop over to our facebook and let me know!

Welcome to the first full review of the amazing Purple Ban Joes, hopefully this will answer all your burning questions and concerns you might have before having to part with your hard earned cash.

First things first lets get to the really important stuff. These shoes are not yet on sale. They will go live EXCLUSIVELY for Lottie's Atik tomorrow (14th of June) at 12pm UK time. I have a handy quick link to the website HERE so don't forget to save this ready for tomorrow!

Now onto the shoes, Hopefully I'm going to cover everything you could possibly think of when it comes to these beauties but if for any reason I happen to miss anything out please pop over to our Facebook (Here) and leave us a quick comment - I'll be sure to get back to you before they launch so you can buy in confidence!

These beauties will be my 6th pair of Ban Joes, so you might be able to tell already that I love this style. I find them really staple shoe for so many occasions, and I actually think my red pair are easily my most worn pair of Irregular Choice as they go with so much.

I have been hoping for a purple pair ever since I saw the purple Nick of Time heels and this is just a dream come true! All we need now is a hot pink pair and I'm all set. Tho I would still love to see some slightly different designs with the glitter.

Now I know alot you already own the purple Nick of Time shoes so I'm going to do a little comparison to them within this review so those of you who have admired them from afar can see how the new Ban Joes compare.

While simple in design there is no doubt that these are going to stand out from the crowd, with a fully glittered upper they really catch the light from all different angles. The glitter is made up of three different sized pieces all of the same shade so they really do create a unique look when caught at the right angle.

Covering the entire front of the shoe in classic Irregular Choice style is a large bow, the thing I love the most about the Ban Joe bow is the two tone nature and the overlapping, oversized style, this adds a little something to me that lacks a little with things like Mal E Bows and Nick of Times.

I have been keeping an eye on the forums over the past week and have been watching for all the frequently asked questions, so this is the part where I will compare them to my pair of Nick of Times and hopefully answer any questions you might have, Please ask away if you think I have missed anything.

The most asked question about these is the heel height and how it compares, as you can see from the photos there is quite a bit of difference between the heights for Ban Joe and Nick of Time. Nick of Time have roughly a 9cm heel while these have a much more manageable 7.2cm It may not sound like a massive difference but for those of you who can't manage the larger heels these are perfect.

I find the heel really comfy and easy to keep on all night long. These are some of the lowest heels that Irregular Choice do and I think that goes along way to explaining why they continue to be popular.

As always I have ordered these in my normal size UK 6.5 (EU 40). This is also the same size as all my other Ban Joes and they fit exactly the same. Perfectly. The Nick of Times I have pictured are actually the only shoes I have to size down in. I think this is due to a high arch. If you have another pair of Irregular Choice I would order your Ban Joes in that size and you shouldn't have a problem at all.

Glitter! This is another big talking point, and I have tried my best to photograph these at true to life as possible. I know previously Irregular Choice have changed the glitter slightly when reworking the shoes into Ban Joes but I really can't see much difference in glitter at all to be honest. My bet would be that its the same one used. This is great news if you love your Nick of Times, you are guaranteed to love these too.

I hope that has covered everything you need to know, as mentioned before please drop us a line on our Facebook page if you have any burning questions and I will try me best to get them all answered as soon as possible,

Thank you so much for reading and Good Luck in your hunt tomorrow.

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